Corporate Social Responsibilities

The TFW management team recognise our social responsibility to care for our staff, stakeholders, the community and the environment.

Our management are fully cognisant of the relevant regulatory concerns and current guidelines in the environment and have systems and procedures to meet these requirements.

Our aim is to constantly endeavour to protect the environment and prevent pollution as far as is practicable in all our activities to provide promotional material, print services and printed product.

Objectives and Targets are set by the management team through our designated Quality / Environment Management Representative, to improve our management of energy and the use of raw materials.

All employees are made aware or their roles and responsibilities toward these objectives and appropriate action plans are in place where improvements can be made to prevent wastage, pollution and protect the world’s resources.

Procedures are in place for minimisation and control of waste and protection of the environment. The nature of our processes includes the use of solvents and other chemicals that are recognised as dangerous to the ecology and environment. Strict processes are therefore in place with associated procedures to minimise risk of spillage and contingency plans have been made to ensure there is no pollution to the environment.

Waste product and materials are managed by registered and qualified suppliers who are fully informed of likely risk.